Thursday, 2 August 2012


Year:  1987
Country:  Euskal-Herria
City:   Pamplone
Label:  Oihuka
Format:   LP, cassette
Tracks:  15
Time:  45 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Ska        Punk

FIEBRE was a group of Pamplona city started after dissolution of "Motos" and formed in 1985 by Marino Goñi (founder of the most important basque record labels such as: "Soñua", "Oihuka" and "Gor") and three members more (one of them, playing sax). His short life was spawned this interesting long LP (also on cassette format), which inexplicably was never re-released or remastered as a LP, regular CD or Mp3. Why? unexplained... FIEBRE also collaborated on a song in the famous compilation "Bat, bi, hiru... hamar" published by the 10th anniversary of the newspaper of the abertzale left-minded "Egin" in 1987, in the middle of the cultural explosion of the named "Rock Radikal Vasco", an explosive mix of punk, ska, hard rock and folk. About FIEBRE music? Mostly simple and good 80s power pop with an strong, sound and also a bit of punk, ska and classic rock influences, with that particular sax present in all eleven songs. Sincerelly this is not really a 100% punk-rock album, but we can assure you can hear a true and real soundtrack of the street riots in the Basque Country during the 70s and 80s decades. A must to have it if you like the genre. In case you want to listen to more about FIEBRE... you can listen to nowadays their new band BALERDI BALERDI, started just after FIEBRE dissolution in 1989. BALERDI BALERDI is still active with several excellent albums behind them.
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