Friday, 24 August 2012


"Rock Anti Mili"
Year:  1988, 2016
Country:  Spain
City:  various
Label:  El Lokal
Format:  casseette, LP
Bands:   22
Tracks:  22
Time:  50 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Punk         Hardcore

Mythical and legendary tape compilation with 22 bands mostly punk rock, hardcore and hard rock of late 80s decade. A great collection full of rage and protest, united by a common idea: the abolition of compulsory military service (the "mili" in spanish). Probably a must for those all begginers into the scene who should to listen to this tape several times. Some songs have very good sound because they already were popular bands (La Polla Records, Tijuana in Blue, RIP, MCD, etc.). Other ones less well known had a bit poor quality sound, which can to remind a demo or something like that. Bands such as: Subterranean Kids, L´Odi Social, Monstruacion, Maximo Volumen, etc. The original cover is displayed and included lyrics, pics, comix, etc. A true gemm result from a big effort of several libertarian and anarchist collectives and also with the help of the underground comic artist Carlos Azagra. In 2016 there was a reissue through social center "El Lokal" on awesome LP format with some changes in the sound and also artwork and physical aspect.
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