Tuesday, 7 August 2012

NO 92

"NO 92 compilation"
Year:  1989
Country:  Catalonia  (Spain)
City:  Barcelona
Label:  El Lokal
Format:  cassette
Bands:  18
Tracks:   18
Time:  40 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Rock        Punk        Hardcore

This was the most famous compilation published by the absolute power assemble the Barcelona Olympics and everything hid behind it: banishment of 'homeless' and destitute Barcelona to other cities of the Spanish State took away militant anarchists, communists and left-wing separatists, speculation, tax increases, etc. The cassette was released by "El Lokal" anarchist association formed in 1986 and still today continues its activity on the street "La Cera" in the Raval neighborhood. About the music? Punk, Hardcore and Urban Rock. About the bands? Subterranean Kids, La Chusma, L´Odi Social Antidogmatiks, Monstruación, Juanito Pikete, Deprovh, El Nuevo Salto de la Danza Salvaje, etc. I had luck to bought this physical tape in 1993 and then I liked a lot, but I think is still an important document about 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.
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