Friday, 5 October 2012


Year:  2015
Country:  UK
City:  London
Label:  Griffiths
Format:  CD
Tracks:  13
Time:   min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Mod        Pop        Punk

THE SPITFIRES are a vital and energetic young band where the words music and clothes become one and they push towards a realism / escapism for a generation spawned on talent shows, low level intelligent media and a lack of ambition and urge - the real talent of Britain to buck the trend. If the evidence is anything to go by, The Spitfires are about to launch an incendiary blast to the portals of complacent, contemporary Britain. They are not so realist like Joe Strummer or Billy Bragg but nor like super pop stars of mainstream industry. They are pride to live in England, to below to working class and too wear comfortable Fred Perry's but for them the best in world is to can make and play music. This music is, according for some one heritage from 60s mod sound, and according to another people, their music has his source and his roots more 1979 sound oriented. Personally I agree with the second theory, because this music is hardest and faster than The Who or The Kinks, so, we can to think in The Jam, Secret Affair or Undertones. Despite they are very young and the band too, their sound has a very high quality production and sounds mature, compact. For all those who can not to live the periode 1979 - 1983 now we have very good bands which re-live its music.
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