Saturday, 3 November 2012


"It was the other one"
Year.  2014
Country:  Spain
City:  Madrid
Label:  Every Day Hate
Format:  CD
Tracks:  44
Time:  52 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:      Grindcore

The grindcore formula is a simple concoction: scream, smash the drums, over-distort the low-tuned guitars and bass, play really fast, and do it all in a minute-long song. Rinse and repeat. At the beginning of Cursed, I immediately treat myself to an "I told you so" attitude, as DISTURBANCE PROJECT whips me up a painfully typical mix of instant grind brownies. The album starts with a 58 second opener, "Alone", (each song titled with only one or two words, as if to convey a single human emotion). I had no idea where the first song became the second, because the two tracks seem all but identical. I felt like I heard everything I needed to, in order to stop the album, get on my blog and tell everyone "this also sucks". Yet suddenly, I feel it happening. As superior starts to approach its end, the senseless speed breaks and my head begins bobbing. Is this progression? Is this rhythm I'm hearing? The spanish grindcore scene started late 80s with just two bands, EL Kaso Urkijo and Violent Headache. But nowadays we can to affirm with security we have a quite good and "big" scene here with good bands known even in the international scene (Denak, Disturbance Project, Looking For An Answer, Nasum, etc.).
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