Friday, 2 November 2012


"on the western front"
Year:  2007
Country:  US
City:  Orange Country, CA
Label:  Suburban Noize
Format:  CD, LP
Tracks:  12
Time:  26 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Punk        Hardcore

D.I. is a Southern California punk band featuring ex-Adolescents and Social Distortion drummer Casey Royer on vocals. Royer formed the band after he and former Social Distortion original member Rikk Agnew (also formerly of Christian Death), left the original Mike Ness Social Distortion crew. Since forming in 1981, D.I. has had many line-up changes over the years and Royer has been the only constant member of the band. The rotating line-up usually consists of former members of the Adolescents and Social Distortion (including brothers Rikk and Alfie Agnew). The band has continued to work, although they have had inactive periods, which include the band going on hiatus between albums. During their years of touring and recording albums, D.I. have never gained a huge mainstream success, but they have influenced many of the mostly formed in the 1990s melodic hardcore punk and punk rock revival bands, including Face to Face, Guttermouth, Jughead's Revenge, The Offspring, and Pennywise. Members of the band also joined up with Daddy X and the Dirtball of the Kottonmouth Kings, to create the punk rock band the X-Pistols, in 2010. In March 2011, Casey Royer was arrested for child abuse, child endangerment and overdosing on heroin in the presence of his 12-year-old son. The child abuse and child endangerment charges were dropped, but he was sentenced to a 90-day jail term and placed on probation for three years for the substance abuse misdemeanor. After this, Royer got clean and sober, and D.I. returned to touring and playing live shows. In 2012, the band released a new 7" EP, United We Slam through Hand Grenade Records
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