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"Miedo al miedo"
Year:  1991
Country:  Navarra (Spain)
City:  Alsasua
Label:  Gor
Format:  CD
Tracks:  17
Time:  42 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Rock

To mark the return of the band we thought it appropriate to comment on some who were these people and what they did , LOS Rayo . Children of immigrants from Extremadura , 4 group lived in a village called Alsasua (Navarra) a few kilometers of the Basque Country as a place to speak Spanish and Basque society , according to the family. For age 4 musicians who had lived the last years of ROCK RADIKAL BASC itself ( the period between 1980 and 1990). For styles such as punk , Oi ! SKA and not marked as such . If he did, however, urban rock I was having a real success with groups like mass barricade mainly but also with other names of the rest of the State as Extremoduro , LOS sweating , etc. . This second work is not at all any clucada out to him " Radikal " as could happen with the first" Fear Face " or the model . As for the music you're all saying, ROCK CITY 2 powerful guitars, however here the production and sound quality are significantly better, may even be too" commercial", perhaps even noticed that too intentionally aimed at a mass audience . Sales , therefore, were not convincing enough and after some problems with the label " GOR " the group decided to disband . The disc is fine if you like the style .
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"Por la cara"
Year:  1989
Country:  Navarra (Spain)
City:  Alsasua
Label:  Oihuka
Format:  LP , CD
Tracks:  12
Time:  35 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Rock

As we mentioned before, LOS Rayo were reunited and made ​​a tour around the state. Taking this opportunity to comment on the material that we released 3 recordings. This is the first album that released on vinyl (never released on CD) with the label "Oihuka." It achieves strength compared to the model, as expected on the other side and continue in their line of urban rock, although they lived in the small village of Alsasua (Navarra). It is a short drive from 8 subjects, but is it all well enough, perhaps many issues have been somewhat depleted and heavy. There is a curiosity as the song "Children of the extreme" referring to its origin in Extremadura ... shortly after Extremoduro sing one of "extreme hard" ... Good rock album.

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