Thursday, 25 July 2013


Any:  2012
Country:  Spain
City: Iruña  (Nafarroa)
Label: Maldito
Format: CD
Tracks:  12
Time:  38 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Punk

The first record in a quarter century of historic punk band from Iruña (Navarre): ULTIMATUM. The return of "Sacrilegio" should serve to remind us of momentum that not all bands are vibes in this for the money , there are still groups with much to say and criticize. If 25 years ago the rock was authentic Basque Radikal havoc in the Spanish State in general, as time has shown it to "renew or die " also serves to both sides of the Pléiade Euskadi as Nafaroa . Ultimatums are quite clear that gender has a set of coordinates that has not stopped the disc seems to respect and made ​​themselves and produced 80 . On the musical side it has a fast punk with touches of hardcore flawless execution in lyrics but it may have the weakest have a problem ... I think I explain . ULTIMATUM guys feel like 20 years writing certain letters is logical and normal, but with 50 years old... I think it is a bit "outdated" , with all the respect I have for the good people of ULTIMATUM (I am a fan of them since 13). Luckily though not very inspired lyrics are full of messages do fine (although they say jokes , etc. . ) That led to the desire of a anarchist society . Fortunately the music also remains strong throughout the album and appropriate super good version of Peter & The Test Tube Babies . Recommended for lovers of the 80s decade.
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Year:  1985
Country:  Spain
Labe:  Vomitopunkrock Records
Format:  LP
Tracks:   20
Time:   40 min.
Genre:   rock
Style:        Punk

Cassette that was published by the now defunct label "Isla de la Tortuga records" and encompassed three bands: Los Nacionales (Catalonia), Ultimatum (Basque Country) and Porkeria-T (Basque Country). When it went out it was a real bomb .. Chaos made ​​music. All three bands practice an agressive and noisy punk-core or punk´82, which induces pogo dancing non stop, and graffiti did revolutionize your city, any Saturday night. Typical influences such as: The Exploited, GBH, Disorder, Chaos Uk, etc. The recording was a concert in live but this fact doesn´t is a problem, in opposite, contributes to create an atmosphere totally apocalyptic and chaotic.
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 Here below you can see the band in 2014.

 ... and here below you can see the band in 1986.

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