Saturday, 17 August 2013


Year:  1989
Country:  Spain
City:  Ontinyent
Label:  Potencial HC
Format:  LP
Tracks:  12
Time:  38 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Punk  Rock

Late 80s decade there were four young Dead Kennedys fans who started a band called: ALCOHOLICOS CRONICOS. The band recorded only a demo tape never released and this debut album recorded in 1989 but distributed two years later (in 1991) through spanish label "Potencial HC". This debut was made only on vinyl format with a little booklet with lyrics, pics, contacts, etc. Strictly musical ALCOHOLICOS CRONICOS made fast punk rock which can to remind to Dead Kennedys and Jello Biafra b-side projects. Voice, guitar, lyrics... all remind a lot the californian punk hardcore legend. The group was formed by Carles Espí (bass guitar) from Final Solution; Germán Casanova (guitar) and Jaume Mora (drums).
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