Sunday, 18 August 2013


"Mas que punk...
punk baino gehiago"
Year:  1988
Country:  Basque Country
Label:  Discos Suicidas
Format:  LP , cassette
Tracks:  15
Time:  36 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Punk        Ska

rock, punk, and ska compilation with several bands from the 80's Basque Country music scene. Record label "Discos Suicidas" made the album on vinyl and cassette format but incomprehensibly never again nobody made a re-make on other format. Nowadays is truly difficult to find this compilation, only second hand in Ebay or similar sites. The bands here are not the more famous of that periode but some kind of  "second level" popularity with examples such as: M.C.D, Parabellum, Vomito, Zer Bizio?, Distorsion, Skalope and more. The quality sound in this link here below is a vinyl ripped, so rather medium not excellent, but some kind of good "soundtrack" of the 80's decade in the conflictive and sometimes even violent Basque Country.
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