Monday, 13 January 2014


"Riches to rags"
Year:  1994
Country:  US
City:  San Francisco
Label:  Epitaph
Format:  CD
Tracks:  10
Time:  36 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Hardcore        Progressive

REVIEW :  RKL and demonstrated during the decade of the 80s, they could make their own hardcore style, original and different from other bands. But it is in this sublime "Riches to rags" where all the musicians in the band are striving to the utmost limit, and create a hardcore / punk very complicated, convoluted and full of changes almost reminiscent of a metal band Progressive or group jazz. A MUST.

JOE RAPOSO  :    is the bassist for the seminal California punk rock band Lagwagon and qa engineer lead at Zynga. He also played bass for a period of time for The Real Mckenzies and Mad Caddies. Additionally, Raposo plays bass for the San Francisco based fussion group King City, with fellow Lagwagon member Chris Rest as well as filling in on bass for several live shows with the Dwarves. Raposo began his career in 1987 at the age of seventeen by joining California hardcore punk band Rich Kids on LSD as their new bassist and remained with RKL until their hiatus in 1996. He began playing shows with RKL again in 2003 (after they had re-formed a year prior) until their current hiatus after the death of lead singer Jason Sears. Raposo joined Lagwagon in 2010, replacing original bassist Jesse Buglione. He play electric bass guitar since 12 years old and also plays acoustic bass. In this album "Riches to ragas" he has a particularly important role because it shows that even playing punk-rock single, you can get to invent scales to very convoluted and changing low. His experience in other styles such as jazz, reggae or swing significantly noticeable.
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