Tuesday, 21 January 2014


"Nine by nine"
Year:  1999
Country:  US
City:  Detroit
Label:  R.Q.I.
Format:  CD
Tracks:  23
Time:  70 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Mod        Pop        Punk

THE FLETCHER PRATT 's Nine by Nine album is one of the best retro mod power pop albums. The Detroit band exhibited a fine grasp of the proper ratio of power to pop, crafted winning melodies and laid them down with all the confidence of a band on top of the world. Pity that nobody was listening. Double pity that the group broke up soon after the release. If you dug that record you will want to try to track down their Slumber Party Highs. It came out a year before Nine by Nine and shares three songs: "Electrocute!," "Sugar Won't Let You Sleep," and "Satellite." On this E.P., their sound is not as sharp and tough. The guitars don't leap out and grab you by the throat, and the drums lack power. (This difference in sound is especially apparent on "Electrocute!" which is a screaming rock classic on Nine by Nine, but here has electric piano and 12-string guitar involved. It is still a great song, but the band sure did improve it.) Despite this, Slumber Party Highs is still quite enjoyable; singers George Dubber and Stephen Palmer are rock and roll tough, and pop tender, and the songs that don't appear on Nine by Nine are all top-notch. "Pussycat" is a fine beat ballad with an early Elvis Costello feeling, "Rocksteady" is a nicely bopping rocker with a boss hook, and "Queen's Crown" captures the feel of mid-'60s Kinks without aping their sound. Slumber Party Highs is loads of fun, and a vital piece in the Fletcher Pratt puzzle. Good luck finding it! Tim Sendra - All Music Guide. The album I have was made by the catalan record label "Houston Party Records" which is a sub-division of "B-Core Records".
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