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Angriff Auf's Schlaraffenland
Year:  1980
Country:  Germany
City:  Frankfurt
Label:  Zickzack rec.
Format:  EP
Tracks:  4
Time:  10 min.
Genre:  rock,  electronic
Style:   Synth Punk

While doin' the repost for Mr.Schrottvogel (Prost!) of their first album Eisbären & Zitronen I thought to myself why not postin' their fantastic debut EP? A quick look at the D-punk section and here it is. Released on the newly formed Hamburg Zick Zack label in 1980 this record come along with four minimalistic oblique goodies and for me are Die Radierer one of the better ZickZack bands, the label is known for a lot of scrap music I think and I can't understand why a lot of people spent a lot of cash for their releases... Na scheiß was drauf! The Radierer from Limburg play indeed no backwoods redneck punk, but oblique avantgarde music full dadaist subversive humor like a football team that comes from the province and then suggests the domestic stars. Musically they already belong to the label but they different from the most because their music is more catchy and more melodic. This band knows exactly what they doing: comics, cuteness, silliness and drastic stylistic devices and are expressions of a deliberately chosen language of art. With Angriff Auf's Schlaraffenland they made definitely a small cult hit and is always in their live repertoire on the list. They toured in 2012 through Germany and maybe new recordings will follow.        ( *Note: this review is from the blog   Wild Devil Rules )
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"Eisbaren & zitronen"
Year:  1981
Country:  Germany
City:  Frankfurt
Label:  Zickzack rec.
Format:  CD
Tracks:   12
Time:  35 min.
Genre:  electronic,  rock
Style:   Synth Punk

Die Radierer are a post-punk, new german wave band from Limburg an der Lahn. Released by Hamburgs independant label ZickZack Records, their first tapes recorded in 1980 and they found in the stylistically already open german underground scene their own style of playing, to which they move between serious classical guitar punkrock and electronic music and they are truly fun musicians. Their debut EP 'Angriff auf's Schlaraffenland' is a classic record and nowadays their famous hit attack on earth. The band consisted of Jürgen Beuth (guitars), Christian B. Bodenstein (vocals), Peter Lack (drums), Walter Holthaus (bass) and Bernd Pulch (saxophones). They had begun as Terry & The Rorists. Die Radierer, the small town boys played no backwoods proles punk, but oblique avant-garde music full-Dadaist subversive humor. After three albums - in a negative change German music scene - the band in took in the mid 80's a very long break and create a new infrastucture between Frankfurt and England. In the recent years some of their old material was partially re-released with, so far available, only on cassette recordings in small runs on CD. Yesterday at their gig here with Fehlfarben, they've played them on the wall.    ( *Note: this review is from the blog   Wild Devil Rules )
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ZICKZACK  RECORDS  :  Important german avantgarde, punk and new wave label, mostly active within the eighties. Founded by former "Sounds" magazine journalist Alfred Hilsberg. Beside now international known bands as Einstürzende Neubauten and many punk-related bands there have been various electronic releases of mostly experimental character. There exist certain springoff's as:  "What's So Funny About.", "Cashbeat",  "Scratch 'n' Sniff".
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