Thursday, 13 February 2014


front42.jpg"In this defiance"
Year:  1997
Country:  US
City:  Los Angeles
Label:  Victory
Format:  CD
Tracks:  12
Time:  40 min.
Lyrical themes:  straight edge
Genre:  rock
Style:        Hardcore        Metal

One of the most importants labels during the 90´s decade dealing about Hardcore Punk Oi! scene was "epitaph" from California and secondly "victory" from Chicago. "Victory records" worked and works with hardest sounds than "epitaph records", it has not almost edited nothing in melodic hardcore or punk melodic. In oppositte the label has always prefered to edite agressive styles such as: metal punk, hate-core, crust, etc. Strife is a very good example how to mix hardcore and metal in a perfect balance and with an also perfect and intelligent lyrics and strong principles and ideas Straight Edge. Chichago and the big lakes region is absolutely a big source for inspiration if you like the hard sounds... but not forget because Strife are from Los Angeles. But not to confuse, Strife has not a dirty / noisy general sound at all, no, no, its sound has a very good production work and sounds very very clean, smart and elegant. Perfect "metalic" sound without mistakes, errors neither similars. Its intention is to sound mathematic I think. Nowadays the rest of their discography is free download in bandcamp.....
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