Thursday, 6 March 2014


"Total fucking chaos"
Year:  1988 - 1994
Country:  US
Label:  Relapse
Format:  CD
Tracks:  50
Time:  60 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Grindcore         Punk

DESTROY was a Minneapolis crust punk band. DESTROY originally formed sometime in 1988, and broke up sometime in the spring of 1994. Members of Destroy went on to play in the following bands: Code-13, Damage Deposit, Nigel Pepper Cock, Brainoil, Disembodied, Look Back and Laugh, Stormcrow and Disrespect, among others. Apart its original mix of grindcore + punk, their members used to make jokes and to show good sense of humor during their live concerts. And finally, to mention the design, aesthetics and artwork of all Destro´s discs: typical Sex Pistols style, something like Sore Throat some years before.
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