Tuesday, 11 March 2014


"Nicaragua rock"
Year:  1986
Country:  Catalonia  (Spain)
City:  Barcelona
Place:  Sports Palace
Label:  Catalana Solidaritat Nicaragua
Format:  cassette
Bands:  6
Tracks:  30
Time:  66 min.
Genre:   rock
Style:       Punk       Hardcore       Ska

1986. This rock festival was organized by the “Coordinadora de Solidaritat Catalana amb Nicaragua” (a socialist collective) to raise economical funds to help this small country of Central America. Nicaragua had a war conflict against USA (with the president Ronald Reagan) during 10 years, for political reasons. In this concert attended more popular bands of Spain in musical styles such as: punk rock, hardcore, ska and rock. In 2006 the label Barcelona based "B-Core Recordss" decided to release the mythical L'Odi Social show on mp3 format, until 9 songs but the rest of "Nicaragua Rock" has never released and nowadays is frankly difficult to find the original tape, perhaps on E-Bay...
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