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"San Francisco's still doomed"
Year:  1978
Country:  US
City:  San Francisco
Label:  Swami rec.
Format:  CD
Tracks:  22
Time:  52 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:   Punk Rock

Crime was an extrremle short lived punk rock band. Some of you may have heard or seen clips from their Target Video "Live at San Quentin." This band played a snot filled punk rock and roll with such trashy elegance that they are a hard band to beat. Starting in 1976 their career lasted 5 years, however, this LP covers the first 3 years. This LP has 22 tracks of pure raw punk rock that don't let up. Listening to this record feels like you just finished an 8 hour shift as a garbage man. The trash rock they play leaves you feeling dirty as you work your way through this record. Hailing from San Francisco and dressing as cops Crime was an originator of the gimmick they had. Even their names are punk as fuck; Johnny Strike, Hank Rank, Ron the Ripper and Frankie Fix. Memorable tracks include "Piss On Your Dog" (My personal favorite), "Twisted," "Murder By Guitar,""Instrumental Instrumental," the slow jam "Emergency Music Ward," "Monkey On Your Back," "Hot Wire My Heart" and "Baby, You're So Repulsive." CRIME is of all of the first wave of US punk bands, none (and I do mean NONE) were as volatile as CRIME. Everything about this legendary band was perfect. Their sound, violently explosive. Their attitude, fiercely independent and uncompromising. Armed with feedback and cloaked in full police garb (both on and off stage!) Crime created a universe of stylized, rock n roll rebellion that remains unmatch.
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Picture of Crime

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