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http://dbeast666.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/the-art-of-partying.jpg"The art of partying"
Year:  2007
Country:  US
City:  Richmond, VA
Label:  Earache rec.
Format:  CD
Tracks:  15
Time:  35 min.
 Lyrical themes:  politics , society , humor
Genre:  rock
Style:   Thrash Metal      Speed Metal

A friend recommended this album to me and said the Waste is truly an amazing band, were fast and intense, and that it would knock my head off. At first I was reluctant to listen to it because I'm truly not a thrash metal fan. But this band and specially this album, has a bit hardcore influences and an certain street rock way of life that I like very much. Far from the stupid "heavy metal stars" attitude, Human Waste remind me the normal and honest attitude of hardcore or punk bands, despite its sound is obviously 100% metal. After several listenings of its discography, I choose this one as my favourite without any doubt. Fast, short and powerful. Very good album.
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Picture of Municipal Waste


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