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"Revolución cósmica"
Year:  1993
Country:  Basque Country
City:  Tolosa
Label:  Fobia
Format:  LP , cassette
Tracks:  11
Time:  36 min.
Lyrical themes: social issues , politics
Genre:  rock
Style:         Grindcore

Ruido de Rabia are among the true pioneers and most relevant spanish underground bands, pioneering genres like crust, hardcore, punk or grindcore. They were formed in Tolosa in 1987 after the punk band Tortura Sistemátika split up. The original line up was composed by Shanti Iribar (Vocals), Lamberto Perurena (Guitar), J.M.Gandarias (Drums) and Santi Manterola (Bass). A year later Santi Manterola left the band and Jorge Sanz took the bass player' place. With that line up they recorded and released “Eros versus Thanatos” (1987), a split LP with the Burgos crustcore band Último Gobierno. J.M. Gandarias quit in 1988 and the band stoped playing for about one year, until Sebas Ginger (Drums) joined. The line up was then formed by Shanti Iribar (Vocals), Lamberto Perurena (Guitar), Jorge Sanz (Bass) and Sebas Ginger (Drums).

New changes: in 1990, Lamberto Perurena (Guitar) and Sebas Ginger (Drums) quit while Antonio Mateos (Drums) and Santi Manterola (original member playing guitar now) joined. They release the demo "Pequeñas reliquias de un infanticida” (1991), one of the first grindcore releases in Spain (with the LPs of El Kaso Urkijo and Violent Headache) and they started playing several gigs. At the end of 1991 a new guitar player joined, Pablo. The sound of the band got more metalized and more personal, but the lyrics continue to deal about politics, social,etc. In November 1992 Santi Manterola left the band and Iñaki entered as the new guitarist. The line up was then formed by Shanti (Vocals), Jorge (Bass), Antonio (Drums), Pablo (Guitar) and Iñaki (Guitar). They are responsible of the recording of the very influential album “Revolución Cósmica”, a blend of extreme genres like death, thrash or industrial metal. The band split up in the first months of 1994.
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