Thursday, 12 June 2014


"Scenarios of brutality"
Year:  2013
Country:  US
City:  Los Angeles
Label:  Kill Again
Format:  CD
Tracks:  9
Time:  37 min.
Lyrical themes:  politics, social issues
Genre:  rock
Style:         Thrash Metal

Far from slow and almost "mainstream" sound like bands such Metallica or Megadeth, it exist another type of thrash metal since late 80s, that approaches hardcore / punk structures, not only in the musical way: faster, shorter songs, etc. But also about lyrical themes: social issues, politics, emotions, etc. Slayer are one of these bands who came to hardcore so much that they even got to record a tribute with covers of GBH, Exploited, Minor Threat, etc.. Be approach has been described under several names: crossover thrash, thrash-core, etc.. but more or less has always had the same meaning. This is the case of VIOLATOR, a band of young brazilians started playing heavy metal and thrash metal, but with this final "Scenarios of brutality" if placed at an intermediate point between punk and metal. And personally I think it has been left with an excellent, energetic and forceful album. Nor is it surprising if we think that your country (Brazil) is the birthplace of Sepultura, Ratos De Porao, Olho Seco and other niceties. Enjoy it!
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