Tuesday, 16 September 2014


"classical punk"
Year:  1995
Country:  UK
City:  London
Artist:  the London phylarmonic orchestra
Label:  Music club
Format:  CD
Tracks:  18
Time:  60 min.
Genre:  classical
Style:         Modern Classical

It is obvious that what you hear is an important part of your personality, even if you are reading this blog. Thus, even if some connect button "they do not like me, I do not care" when they come out to stroll around the corner, in general usually smile when we see someone with a shirt Clash roaming the streets. It is natural, if not externemos feeling. Punk is the ugly child of the rock, even though, ironically, was the one who came to rescue him. And I say that not just the story of the old disco and (gulp!) Yes and Pink Floyd. I speak mainly of the direct discourse around youth, where Chuck Berry portrayed the feelings of young people who, thanks to the conditions created by the post-war period, for the first time could be considered a group. Went away, but come back. Although everyone who left the 77 generation had the right to prosecute most of these bandinhas unsalted and compound names pathetic (my "favorite" is clap your hands say yeah), there is, as I say, a hole in the discography the majority of fans (one more!) she wants revenge. The Beatles they jump smiths and joy division ... Ok, ok. No accounting for taste and are not required consistency. But when there is a rule, do not ask me to be quiet. Can not. Deserves study. It is clear that Punk has a bad reputation. That is undeniable. And what most bands do today is clean up the bad part. Enjoy the musical structure (who grew up) and the visual, but giving that guy from the 2000s and it is clear that an electronic pat will not bother anyone. Today, I have the impression of hearing the riff of "Inside Out" from 999 in many, many songs... Thus, as I have a fondness for Punk bands, I get that feeling of injustice. And this disc that accompanies this post helps to worsen the story. Come on, do not speak of "Holiday in Cambodia" because of all that surrounded the Dead Kennedys, but it is unbelievable that a song like "Babylon's Burning" has had as best placement on the charts a seventh miserable place on June 79 and then descended downhill. No, never asked for anything like "Bad" from Michael Jackson. But, after all, who knows Ruts? Hear these versions proves the beauty of the melodies. But perhaps the fact that here in our little world anyone know or like these bands makes them more special. They become ours.

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