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"Matraka Munsters II"
Year:  1996
Country:  Spain
City:  Castelló de la Plana
Label:  Matraka  Diskak
Format:  LP
Tracks:  17
Time:  64 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Rock Urbano         Punk

"Arsenal Rock" aka "Matraka Munsters II", was despite these efforts of the head of the small label "Matraka diskak" Punk and Hardcore principles in the early 90s, wasin this clear backspace. Weights las inequality, we decided to make a second volume of this compilation. There are news in this disc in comparison with the first is that here there are more stylistic variety. There is hc / punk obviously, but are also available bands which sound death metal, thrash metal or pure and classic rock'n'roll. The sound quality of the recording is very good and the bands in general show us a quite good technical level, which become the album in something  satisfactory and interesting, despite it passed 20 years already.
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"Matraka Monsters I"
Year:  1991
Country:  Spain
City:  Castelló de la Plana
Label:  Matraka Diskak
Format:  LP
Tracks:  12
Time:  35
Genre:  rock
Style:        Rock Urbano         Punk

It is simply a compilation of punk bands released by the valencian label "Matraka" in 1991. Julio (the "Matraka") chose to publish a compilation groups to disseminate information that he promoted. So groups are punk rock (1st Komunión, Goma 2, then unknown and almost forgotten: El Último Ke Zierre) classic rock'n'roll bands (Barro and Los Perreros) and even a group approaching Death-Metal (Rottest Slag). The cover and back cover has the support of the genius of "comix" Carlos Azagra. The album was a scarce distribution and the price was very low. (Note: currently 18 selling vinyl in the market).
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