Sunday, 11 January 2015


"Super modern world"
Year:  1996
Country:  France
City:  Orleans
Label:   Pias 
Format:  CD, LP
Tracks:  16
Time:  38 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Pop        Punk     Hardcore

BURNING HEADS is a melodic punk rock band from Orleans, France. The group formed in the late '80s, and started out releasing records independently before signing with "Play It Again Sam" in 1994. They became more popular in America with the release of their 1998 record, "Be One with the Flames", on Epitaph Records, and 1999's "Escape", on Victory Records. Later releases came out on Columbia Records which is a trademark of Sony Music Entertainment and also on Opposite Records. In the middle of the Green Day / Offspring explosion emerged a lot of melodic punk and hardcore bands, mainly from California, but also from other american states, UK or even Sweden. But nobody expected the arrived of the very unknown french band BURNING HEADS. A band which signed for Epitaph and Sony but showed many times its ideas and a certain "moral code". This is the case of BURNING HEADS, four musicians who currently live in the small city of Orleans (France) and who signed great albums with high quality level, between them, this "Super modern world" which is a perfect balance between pop, punk, hardcore and even some reggae influences. In my personal opinion a great album which is a must to revisited and avalued, everybody according his personal musical taste, of course. The band is still active and in 2014 released an album entitled "Choose your trap" in LP format. Not ultra political punk nor mainstream pop punk but common people making common music. I recommend to listen to these people guys.
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