Sunday, 1 March 2015


"Never mind the ballots"
Year:  1986
Country:  UK
City:  Leeds
Label:  Oihuka
Format:  CD , LP , cassette
Tracks:  12
Time: 35 min.
Lyrical themes:  anarchism , anti-war
Genre:  rock
Style:        Folk       Punk

First time I saw this album, CHUMBAWAMBA was a band which appeared on TV, radio, magazines... even in the night clubs due its hit "Tubthumping" which became a true top of the tops in 1997. But I had heard something about CHUMBAWAMBA and its relation with anarchist, pacifist and anti-capitalist organizations and even this album had been released in Spain by the basque independent label "Oihuka". So, we were not in front of the typical mainstream pop group. I decided to buy this (my first) CHUMBAWAMBA album and I wasn´t dissapointed at all. The band keep the roots and principles from its beggining, but at the same time they can to show us their talent to make very good songs which sound totally new wave, synth-pop, folk or punk. It was released by "Agit Prop" in 1986 and three years after, in 1989, by "Oihuka Records" only on cassette format. The band started its activity in 1982 as a musical and political collective mostly influenced by the punk band CRASS and also strictly musical by other post-punk bands like The Damned, PIL, Joy Division or The Fall. After some years the band took influenes from folk, pop and rock.
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