Thursday, 3 March 2016


Year:  1992
Country:  US
Ciy:  Beverly Hills
Label:  Cruz
Format:  CD, LP
Tracks:  10
Time:  34 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Pop Punk

I was thinking about the unfortunate thing about the digital age... about what falls through the cracks. there are bands that will kind of cease to exist in whole or in part just because some label they were eon at one point won’t release music digital or just doesn’t care.  i get labels who don’t wanna stream their catalog but at least its available for sale in one format or another.  but when labels and i use this one as a reference because i notice it the most, like SST or Cruz Records.  there is a ton of much that is out of print they don’t sell CD’s or albums and you can’t purchase them on iTunes or whatever service you use because they haven’t uploaded them.  so you can’t treat them either.  its is frustrating and i get bummed thinking some music will just fall into a vortex and if i don’t have these CD’s or vinyl i will never get to listen to them again.  One band in particular i find with this problem is the Chemical People.  there is a whole catalog of records that are missing form iTunes and streaming and for no other reason that someone at SST / Cruz just doesn’t have them uploaded because they feel it isn’t worth the time / effort / demand or they just don’t care.  at least give the bands their records back so they can do it themselves right?  thats what i think.  i found a few links of of a few Chemical People albums on the internet so i am going to post them below so that you can download them and share them just incase they don’t ever get uploaded and you will have to be responsible for keeping this music alive and in peoples ears. They mix bassically punk rock and melodic pop with special talent.
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