Thursday, 28 April 2016


Year:  2007
Country:  UK
City:  London
Label:  Universal
Format:  CD , DVD
Tracks:  24
Time:  70 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Ska        Pop      Punk

"This is England" is a 2007 british drama film written and directed by Shane Meadows. The story centres on young skinheads in London in 1983. The film illustrates how their subculture, which has its roots in late 60's West Indies culture, especially ska, soul and reggae music, became adopted by white nationalists, which led to divisions within the skinhead scene. The film's title is a direct reference to a scene where the character Combo explains his nationalist views using the phrase "this is England" during his speech. The film cuts forward to Shaun in his room brooding about what has happened, with his mother Cynthia assuring Shaun that Milky will be all right. Shaun is then shown walking near the beach and throwing his Saint George Flag, a gift from Combo, into the sea. The original soundtrack has 24 tracks, but six of them are just spoken words, so they are not included in this download link here below (Bandcamp). Strictly musical the soundtrack is quite varied, with songs from acoustic folk to ska to reggae or punk rock. The film is frankly good and its music too.
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