Friday, 14 October 2016


"end of the millennium"
Year:  1999
Country:  Sweden
City:  Fagersta
Label:  Burning Heart
Format:  CD , LP
Tracks:  13
Time:  32 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:         Punk        Hardcore

59 TIMES THE PAIN, the band name is by the way a song by Hüsker Dü, is a swedish punk hardcore band that played a really strong music, energic with some melodic aspects and clean sound production. Back to the 90s when they formed, they were part of the "Burning Heart Records" famous label with bands like Randy, No Fun At All, Satanic Surfers, Millencolin and Raised Fist. The band was formed in Fagersta, Sweden in 1992 by Magnus Larnhed (vocals / guitar), Michael Conradsson (bass), Toni Virtanen (drums) and Kai Kalliomäki (guitar). The bandname is inspired by a song from Hüsker Dü with the same name. Kalliomäki soon left the band to be replaced by Niklas Lundgren. The band split in 2001. On January 30, 2008 they announced that they were reforming to play Groezrock festival.
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