Saturday, 27 May 2017


Year:  2016
Country:  Canada
City: Guelph
Label:  Sudden Death
Format:  CD
Tracks:  15
Time:  33 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Punk Rock

D.O.A label "Sudden Death Records" presented in 2016 the debut album of this new canadian punk rock band The Nasties. People have been bugging me to review records and give them top tens and I am like why? I don't know anything about music. I am demonic overlord, not a rock journalist! But I was persuaded to review The Nasties new album primarily because the dude that asked me is a huge GWAR fan and also my human slave Brockie totally fucked-up and was like hours late to a festival gig that dude had booked because he was in LA getting wasted and screwing whores. So after actually listening to about 30% of the album before I got distracted and wandered off I have to say it doesn't suck. Considering I don't listen to music (except when I am playing it) and really know nothing about it, I would have to say that by my standards, it's pretty fucking good. The Nasties are old-school punk rock of the with a vocalist that sounds kinda like the dude from Bad Religion, only he doesn't suck. I never liked Bad Religion and the reason why was that I hated the vocals. So why does this guy sound like that guy except a version that doesn't suck? I don't know, I am going to go have sex (*Review writen by Oderus of GWAR ).
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