Sunday, 23 July 2017


"vita libertà"
Year:  2016
Country:  Italy
City: Turin
Label:  Anfibio
Format:  CD, LP
Tracks:  10
Time:  30 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Punk

FREE LIFE! These two words are enough to make me understand how the Bull Brigade came back, two words that should always be associated and affiliated with deep love, but in the world where we live too often one kicks with each other and touches you to see your friends brought Away and locked in a tomb of iron and cement when you're lucky, otherwise this life does not even give you the chance to greet your brothers one last time because they are too far away and then you have to enclose it all in a shrill song to be sure That the memory will not be lost, not even in 100 years. The memory will not be lost, not even in 100 years. The Bull Brigade's songs are like this, true, harsh and disgusting lives, always fisting with a town that they love anyway, the sound has changed, it's harder and more powerful, more varied, technically they have made a stride Forward, who behind the instruments has a crazy musical intelligence and all recording is extremely cured, creating an emotionally strong and charged atmosphere; The texts, well, as they have said, are real life, dripping over all the sweat that the band has been spending on half-a-dozen European stages over the years, tears of anger and despair, but also love for your brothers and fellow fighters because You know how essential it is to have them at your side. They had to follow STRADE SMARRITE, the scene asked him loudly even if repeating at the same level was very difficult ... at the concerts every now and then felt a few new pieces to try it out of the test room I think I felt something on the surface Had changed, but they were always them, Eugene is incredible, has a voice that fills the crates, exudes anger in every move he does, is terribly real. Not to mention the musicians, guys who have the pleasure of knowing in person, with whom they occasionally exchange two words, they are almost embarrassed when you say that they sound crazy, but it is the truth, all of this as a whole has succeeded in Give birth to a gorgeous, perfect disc, and I'm not fucked if I have to wait another 8 years to listen to another so, the more experience on the technical level but above all on the human side it feels all and the listener is literally invested From every single note and finds himself in an unstoppable avalanche of emotions.
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