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"sin guion"
Year:  2019
Country:  Spain
City:  Caceres
Label:  Maldito
Format:  CD
Tracks:  10
Time:  34 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Punk        Hard Rock

They apply to the title of their fourth album, since before they already had "a comulgar" (2006), "desde el ombligo del mundo" (2007) and "se lleva dentro" (2012), which you can listen to through their website. In this four work he sends a powerful sound that winks, to put some references, to Boikot, Gatillazo or Segismundo Toxicomano in the “Sin Guion” itself, curiously with a refrain whose melody can remind us of “we are all we have” by The Casualties, although also in the choirs, and, in addition, they have a good sum of guitars, both rhythmic and solo.

"Ruidosos" is a nimble mix of punk and rock with more metallic guitars and "la letra pequena" advances quickly, although with room for melody and chorus. And "Melómano" is an ideal piece for live shows, again with Boikot sound memories and a letter with which to feel identified.

I highlight again the great sound achieved in "Sin Guion", it is also a release of just thirty minutes, so the songs run with a frenetic rhythm, without respite, like a forceful "A For Them" with a lot of melody, the hurricane " Here's to you ”, with a handful of vibrant guitars or "la razón del ser" and "epitafio", two songs where you enjoy the punk and rock canons, more of the latter than the former, leaving several soloists who, without being a virtuous piece, they do denote a lot of skill with the instrument.

They say goodbye at full speed with "los poetas han muerto", with a double bass drum without stopping sounding and a "catolicismo" where we listen to a little bass to catch the pulse to the rhythm of the song and leave us with a very remarkable last track. It is finishing the job and makes you want to listen to it again, the compositions are entertaining and do not abuse the same patterns as always.

It is noted that Któlicos have striven to deliver a work where each song has its own personality, not wanting to focus all their efforts on achieving an overwhelming sound, so their fourth album is a cannon that takes them away from the crudest punk. In addition, the band tells us that to celebrate their 15 years in active service, they will give fans a exclusive designed CD at all concerts. So keep an eye on the dates.
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