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Year:  1981 - 1988
Country:  Spain
City:  Zaragoza
Label:  Outline rec.
Format:  CD
Tracks:  28
Time:  60 min.
Lyrical themes:  anarchism , pacifism
Genre:  rock
Style:   Punk    D-Beat

Here's another example of a band that was active while not many people paid attention and (20 years later), his recordings have been re-edited by four different labels: "Outline Records" (2001), "Desobediencia Records" (2007) "Bazofia Records" (2008) and "Bam Bam Records" (2011). REICH IV began his musical activity in 1981 and dissolved in 1988, after having recorded two tapes. In Spain the most popular bands during the 80s were from the Basque Country (La Polla Records, Kortatu, Barricada) and the other bands were somewhat overshadowed by so much commercial success. Most of them made punk with ska or rock'n'roll influences and very few took as an example to follow the British legend band: Discharge. I can only remember 3 bands: MG-15, Ultimo Gobierno and IV Reich. The 3 sounded the typical D-beat marked by drums, thundering guitars and write lyrics about anarchism, pacifism, atheism and anti-militarism. During the 90s IV REICH was a name completely erased from memory until 2001, when the label from Barcelona "Outline Records" decided to join the 2 demos, remastered them and made it on CD format. I believe that since this year did justice to one of the best and noblest Spanish punk bands. Musically their sound is quite rough and crude, but they could never record a vinyl LP in a high quality studio with high quality production, but despite all the great honesty and ideals of the band follows. Even later in 2007 and 2011, two underground labels made ​​a limited editions on LP, CD and cassette.
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Picture of IV REICH

Picture of IV REICH

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