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"El dia despues al fin de la humanidad"
Year:  2010
Country:  Spain
City:  A Coruña  (Galiza)
Label:  Power It Up , Trabuc Rec.
Format:  CD , LP
Tracks:  18
Time:  26 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:     Grindcore

It seems like grind bands are a dime a dozen these day, and a lot of them sound alike or are just plain mediocre.  Out of all the grindcore bands that I�ve heard lately, NASHGUL definitely stands out as one that isn�t afraid to stray from the stereotypical barrage of blasts beats and unintelligible guitar.  This is one of those albums that you put on and all your friends say "whoa, who the fuck is this?�  There is an obvious thrash metal influence here... One of the best grindcore bands out there right now... You can also see this almos thirty minutes long video. Grindcore is alive, no doubt. About the format you can to buy the CD format in "Power It Up Records" or LP format in "Trabuc Records". Enjoy it.
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Year:  2007
Country:  Spain
City:  A Coruña  (Galiza)
Label:  Crimes Against Humanity rec. ‎
Format:  CD
Tracks:  31
Time:  40 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:     Grindcore

After the spanish grindcore legends like Violent Headache or El Kaso Urkijo came reinvigorated with new bands like Haemorraghe or this band from Galícia, NASHGUL. Since its inception they have recorded 3 long albums and 5 ep's. His style is distinctive for being old school grindcore with some closer to thrash slow parts or even crust-core parts. Speaking of lyrics, it is not a political militant band like CRASS (for example), but all songs have a moderately social and political background. This album "Humanicide" is actually a compilation of several ep's and loose tracks, and all together have 31 tracks. Made and distributed by the prestigious label "Crimes Against Humanity Records." In short, this is the best way to meet this band and listen to much of his work.
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