Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Year:  2008
Country:  Finland
City:  Helsinki
Label:  Scrotum Jus Rec
Format:  CD
Tracks:  20
Time:  22 min.
Lyrical themes: gore & mince
Genre:  rock
Style:    Grindcore

The first time I read in a fanzine on a gore mince / band I thought it was a typo. But no. Started a few bands (musically) and do Grindcore (lyrically) songs switch threads trying gore, terror and humor into the 90s; more social, political, etc.. In fact it is no contradiction that a person feel 100% anti-fascist while you enjoy watching movies or reading gore, horror, terror books and novels. This is the case now try. A band wich make and play an ortodhox grindcore: ultra-short songs and also ultra-fast, and songs which sometimes are mince or gore oriented. Anyway doesn´t matter. This band is excellent and its album a must.
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