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"this CD kills fascists"
Year:  2004
Country:  Netherlands
City:  Amsterdam
Label:  Peculio discos
Format:  CD
Tracks:  41
Time:  44 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:          Hardcore

It must have been around 1988 when LÄRM called its quits and Paul,Olav, Jos and Menno decided to call their new band SEEIN RED. Menno did not stay long in SEEIN RED because he moved to Amsterdam to complete his lawstudy and another reason to quit the band was the fact that he felt that belonging to the punkscene wasn’t that much fun anymore, the scene he used to know had changed too much, for Menno it was an end to an era. After Menno had left we asked Burt to join on Bas-guitar and Jos became the singer, Olav stayed on drums and Paul on guitar. In this early line-up we recorded our very first 4 songs, including “System”, a RONDOS cover song, who ended up on the INTIFADAH compilation LP. Soon after we had recorded this stuff Jos wanted to get back on bas because he didn’t feel Comfortable as a singer/frontman. We more or less made the decision to continue as a trio: Paul guitar & vocals, Olav drums and Jos bas & vocals, and that’s what the band still is nowadays.  The initial stage of SEEIN RED was an attempt to play a different style of punk-hardcore. Influenced by bands like the MINUTEMEN, FAITH, IGNITION, FUEL, FUGAZI, etc. we tried to mix those influences with our own style and some of that can be heard on our first records. But looking back at it, we never could play this sort of music really well. SEEIN' RED is about anti-capitalism , we believe that the capitalist system breeds most, if not all, ills in this world. The competition for markets produces devastating wars and environmental destruction. The profit motive of capitalism is a major cause of the problems we face in today’s society like: inequality, poverty, alienation, crime, discrimination, homelessness, etc etc. Each day we witness that we live in a world full of greed, injustice, oppression, wage-slavery, class distinctions, racism, sexism, hate, homophobia, exploitation, military madness, religious fundamentalism etc. And in this current world Capitalism is the dominant ideology and therefore our main enemy. SEEIN' RED disbanded in 1995. After 10 years, the brazilian label "Peculio Discos" decided to compilate all its discography and make an only one CD.
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