Tuesday, 4 May 2021



Year:  Australia
City:  Melbourne
Label:  Rough Trade
Format:  CD, LP
Tracks:  11
Time:  26 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Punk        Garage Rock

The debut album of the australian punk band, released under the patronage of Rough Trade. The irony of the late debut is that long before this release, the band's first compilation "Big Attraction & Giddy Up" was released, which collected songs from two EPs. Thus, by the time of the release of the long-awaited LP, Amyl And The Sniffers had managed to acquire a strong fan base and solid artillery preparation of music portals that did not fit in with the status of newcomers.

The Melbourne quartet still baffles music lovers and reviewers with a set of seemingly incompatible practices and references - in the songs of the new album, the echo of a traditionally strong local scene is intertwined with impressive countercultural erudition, and the attraction to root punk rock - with good melodic data of the participants. for once, brought together genre purists and neophytes, hardly familiar with the recordings of the pioneers so beloved by the Australians of the seventies.

The first associations may also be false: for example, straightforward guitar parts in combination with frontwoman Amy Taylor's vocals give a certain similarity not so much with AC / DC as with X-Ray Spex, not so much with L7 and The Distillers, but with GG Allin & The Jabbers, and only a superficial comparison with Blondie may have some basis.

Having gone in less than three years from their own publications to working with a major from independent labels, Amyl And The Sniffers can rightfully be considered one of the most interesting and colorful punk bands of recent years, whose records give hope for the future of the genre, whose fortieth anniversary coincided with the publication their first studio sessions.

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  1. hi, thanks for this post, this is really one of the most interesting new punk bands i've heard the last two years and i would love to see them live!