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"tutti contro tutti"
Year:  2022
Country:  Italy
City:  Rome
Label:  Hellnation
Format:  LP
Tracks:  10
Time:  28 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:        Punk

Klaxon have been around since 1979, their name has helped spread the word of punk in the capital along with Bloody Riot, Fun, Shotgun Solution and others in places such as the legendary UONNA club, described as a meeting / clash between the various Roman punk communities in Valerio Lazzaretti's book "I Rebels Della Collina" (Hellnation Libri). Not surprisingly, the recordings of the CD UONNA Club were collected in the local on the Cassia, containing songs recorded live between 1984 and 2002, released by Klaxon Records and City Of The Dead and distributed by Hellnation itself.

Closed the parenthesis and back on track, it is clear that it is an improbable undertaking to attempt to summarize in a few lines a path as long as it is capable of remaining faithful to the roots of an all-encompassing passion: the Klaxon were struck by that vision of punk capable of bathing in influences from afar so dear to the Clash and to that Joe Strummer to whom the Roman band has also dedicated a song ("Letter To Joe", from Brutti Sporchi E Cattivi in ​​2009). It is therefore not surprising to find also in the new album Tutti Contro Tutti and South American rhythms as side ingredients for a record that exactly reflects the punk-rock nature of the band in both its components, with all that entails, including the use of melodies that could make some more extremist listeners turn up their mouths. After all, when you have over forty years of history on your side - thirty if we count the ten-year break between '85 and '95 - you certainly do not need to prove anything to anyone and you can concentrate solely on your idea, which the Klaxons do not miss the opportunity to do from the first to the last note of this new album. Tutti Contro Tutti is a work that is not afraid to appear the result of a band that is now "mature" and proud of its age, there is no attempt to be young or to write a Centocelle City Rockers part II, just as they had already shown in 2014 in Anime Corsare, shared with another of our acquaintances, Gli Ultimi. Here, if we had to make a comparison, we could say that the new album of the band continues on the line of those compositions and further develops a path that is as faithful to its roots as it is capable of growing and developing with the passage of time, a not secondary aspect. when you think of the many who continue to follow the first steps in a slavish way. There are obviously several friends who came to lend a hand with horns, piano, percussion and choirs, to demonstrate how the punks of Centocelle wanted to do things with due care, including having relied on Valerio Fisik's Hombre Lobo Studio and to the graphics curated by Lorenzo Morelli, really insightful and we would dare to say the added value of the work. For the attitude and passion, on the other hand, the thanks on display to Michele Zerocalcare for having wanted them music and appearance in the series "Strappare Lungo I Bordi", to say that these veterans take nothing for granted and have nothing to claim as an acquired right. As a note, we cannot avoid mentioning “La Divisa”, written together with Roberto Perciballi of Bloody Riot (who left us in 2016) and bearer of a right dose of provocation in tune with the personality involved in its drafting. In short, there is a lot of meat in the fire inside Tutti Contro Tutti, almost a manifesto for these veterans of the Roman punk scene (not only).
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"brutti, sporchi e cattivi..."
Year:  2009
Label:  Raged
Format:  CD
Tracks:  14
Time:  30 min.
Genre:  acoustic
Style:        Folk Punk

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"vita agra"

Year:  2002

Label:  Gridalo Forte

Format:   CD, LP

Tracks:  12

Time:  36 min.

Genre:  rock

Style:        Ska Punk

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